A powerful and moving live performance by an artists can simply steal your breath away and make you fall in love with the performer. There are many factors that can make a performance unforgettable. So much hard work and detailed planing goes into preparing a performance making it equally impressive for the viewers who are… Read More
Lunafly just announced that they will add another stop to their RE:BORN tour in Europe! Their tour-stops already include Bucharest, Warsaw, Helsinki, Cologne and Madrid, but now they added Vienna to their tour as well! To get everyone excited they also announced their Europe stops through YouTube! So check out the video below:… Read More
Since Topp Dogg are coming to Europe with three showcases in Milano, London and Paris, plus their kick-off show on September 2 at the Korean Expo Milano, Annyeong Europe wants to help you getting more familiar with them. In the first part of our “Get to know Topp… Read More
Note: This article reflects the author’s personal opinion, it does not necessarily reflect those of annyeongeurope.com! And your own opinion could be different from the article! Boygroup INFINITE is back as a whole unit once again after keeping fans waiting for more than a year. Their latest title track “Bad” promises a dark feeling along… Read More
It’s time for summer vacation! No work and/or school to worry about because you are free and go travel to somewhere super pretty! Or at least that is the ideal summer vacation! Stuck home? Then we will provide you with a journey around the world through K-Pop music videos! And we are starting in… Read More
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